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The Big "How to get free bonus/free bets" GUIDE

Tue Aug 14, 2018 7:21 pm

Hi guys,


Not a lot of people know that this is a possibility (perhaps the more senior experienced punters are aware already but this but this is more for the newbies out there) but sometimes you can actually get free bonus or free bets by contacting customer support/chat and what not.

It's obviously different from operator to operator but I have had experience with some of the big ones (Betway, William Hill, Betsson and so forth) and what they all have in common is that they rather comp (free bonus or free bet) a customer rather than see them leave the casino/bookie for a competitor.

So how do you get free bonus or free bets? Well, first you need to jump on chat (or if you want and the site offers: telephone support) and run through some of the things I mention below.

Here are some tips and general things to keep in mind:

1. If you have recently lost money you stand a greater chance at receiving a bonus, for example if you just deposited 1000 rand, naira, usd (nice big baller) or whatever and you lost it all, then the house is up on you and they're more prone to provide you with something free.

2. Sometime you can act as if you just missed the promotion window and would very much like to deposit but there's no offer on your account (this relates more to match offers and they do require a deposit but sometimes the match is worth it, like 100 or even 200% match offers.

3. Sometimes don't take 'no' for an answer, I have been on chat when the wallet has been a bit light and I've wanted something to place bets with only to be told that 'unfortunately there is nothing available right now'. However, if you are persistent and pull the 'angry customer' card the support host gives in and provides you with something.

4. Negotiate and play dodgy - sometimes I have been offered a match offer (requires deposit) and I have convinced the host to give me some free spins since I was 'waiting for my new credit card and would be able to make a deposit later that night'

5. Threaten to close your account, now this is the nuclear option - if all else fails then simple say 'please close my account' - this will convince almost any customer support host to squeeze out even the smallest bit of goodwill...BUT...sometimes this also fails and they do end up locking the account. But it is extremely to open it again, as easy as locking it - just ask them to open the account.

Those are just some of the tips that has given me a sh*t ton of free stuff from the bookies and casinos (generally free bet is more difficult to get than free bonus because free bets are often straight up cash whereas bonus sometimes has wagering requirement, max winnings and other limitations)

Anyone else have any good tips feel free to share?

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Re: The Big "How to get free bonus/free bets" GUIDE

Tue Dec 04, 2018 8:09 pm

there are many sites that offer great bonus, especially in africa. but i recomend some sites for bonus

For South Africa i think Bet9ja Mobile offers the best bonus for new customers. And then in Nigeria we have Betway Mobile who give new customers a real bonus treat! Last for Kenya we have Betin Mobile that doesnt offer the best bonus, but still something good!
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