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Forum Rules

Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:48 am

Anyone who violates any of the rules risks warning, suspension or permanent banning.
Users who commit serious violations may be suspended from the forum without prior warnings. They can also be permanently banned. If you have any questions about the rules please contact the administrator.

Article I. Netiquette

Section 1.01 Topic Subject

(a) The thread’s subject should give a true and fair view of what the topic is about. If the main purpose of the topic is a question should the subject of the topic title end with a question mark.

Section 1.02 Topic Content & Category Selection

(a) The content of the topic should be related to the topic subject that was entered. The topic should be posted in the correct category found in the forum. A new topic should not be created should there already exist a suitable and existing topic.

Section 1.03 Off-Topic & Rubbish

(a) Posts that are off-topic or found to be rubbish in general can be deleted without warning or motivation.

Section 1.04 Cross-Posting

(a) It is forbidden to create duplicate topics in different sections of the forum or to create the same posts on different topics provided in the forum.

Section 1.05 Avatar & Signature

(a) The content of the Avatar or Signature may not violate the forum rules, that means no offensive, racist, xenophobic, pornographic or in any way contain any violent nature. Claiming to be an administrator or moderator is strictly forbidden.

Section 1.06 Defamation & False Rumours

(a) To distribute perceived information about persons, companies or organizations intending to expose them to the dissatisfaction of others, or to intentionally distribute distorted or concealed information with intent to mislead, is prohibited.

Article II. Rules

Section 2.01 Official Language

(a) The official language of African Betting Forum is English, this is to accommodate all members as well as working as a bridge between members of different nationalities. English will be the only language in which topics or posts are allowed to be posted in.

Section 2.02 Advertising

(a) Private or commercial ads, such as buy, sell or exchange ads must be posted in the African Betting Forum topics provided. Any posts
with links containing PPC or any other incentive generating links is strictly prohibited. The purpose of the rule is to prevent users from using the forum for advertising their own or others' goods and services, because African Betting Forum is primarily a discussion forum and not a buying and selling forum. Exceptions can be found through the African Betting Forum provided topics.

(b) It is still allowed to ask for general purchase tips for different items, as long as it does not pass into a purchase ad. Thus, there is a difference between "someone who sells XX" and "someone who knows where I can buy XX", where the first is forbidden while the other is allowed.

(c) It is not allowed to search for people to interview or to search participants for different surveys.

(d) Companies may in certain cases have the opportunity to market their products in a specific forum. This is only allowed after approval from African Betting Forum, and marketing can only be done in the specific topic.

Section 2.03 Copyrighted Material

(a) Dissemination or publishing of copyrighted material without the author's permission is prohibited. This rule exists to prevent the forum from being used as a tool for the propagation of copyrighted material.

(b) It is not allowed to request or publish direct links to illegally obtained files and materials such as music, movies and computer programs. Nor is it permitted to use the forum as a tool for such dissemination. However, it is permissible to link to websites and programs that enable this, as well as discuss the subject as such. It is also permitted to link to established websites such as YouTube, even in cases where there is reason to believe that the uploader does not own the copyright.

(c) Quotations of copyrighted texts are allowed if done in accordance with good practice. For quotes, source must be stated.

Section 2.04 Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia and Hateful Language

(a) It is forbidden to threaten or contempt hatred against people based on race, sexual orientation, skin colour, nationality or ethnic origin. It is also forbidden to post hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist, provocative or vulgar content. Linking to hate, anti-Semitic, racist, piracy, or other illegal sites is not permitted.

Section 2.05 Child Pornography

(a) It is forbidden to request or distribute links to pornographic images or movies with people under the age of 18.

Section 2.06 User Anonymity

(a) Posting or threatening to post personal information or other information about members on the forum is prohibited. Intentionally revealing another user’s identity is prohibited and/or linking user’s alternate accounts or accounts to other forums or sites is prohibited. Only exception is when a member has himself published personal information about themselves.

Section 2.07 Multiple Accounts

(a) Usage of multiple accounts is forbidden and misuse of the accounts may lead to a permanent ban.

Section 2.08 Threats on Members

(a) Harassment or threats of any nature against other members is strictly forbidden and will lead to a permanent ban.

Section 2.09 Drug Trade

(a) All forms of drug trade (requesting, selling, exchanging or donating) in topics, on posts or via PM is forbidden. It is forbidden to ask where one can buy or sell drug however it is permitted to discuss web shops selling drugs and discuss the general availability of drugs in society.

Section 2.10 Dissemination of Viruses/Malicious Links

(a) Spreading links to computer viruses or other malware is prohibited.

Section 2.11 Confidential Information

(a) It is forbidden to post sensitive and confidential information. The rule is intended to prevent the spread of sensitive data relating to victims of crime or the equivalent, where there is either a serious threat or when there is no clear public interest in the dissemination of the information.

Article III. Other

Section 3.01 Disobedience

(a) Repeated warnings that are not taken seriously will result in a permanent ban.

Section 3.02 Quality over Quantity

(a) Members that spam or repeatedly post the same things will be warned, suspended or banned.

Section 3.03 Age limit

(a) The age limit of African Betting Forum is 18 years old, any suspected minors will have their accounts deactivated.

Section 3.04 Username

(a) Usernames that are considered offensive, racist, xenophobic or of any violent nature is forbidden. Usernames are considered to be very similar to another member, moderator or admin is forbidden.

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